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David Sides supports “Lyrics of a Dreamer’s Heart”


The talented and accomplished David Sides supporting “Lyrics of a Dreamer’s Heart”… Check out his “Playground Sessions” now available at Guitar Center, supported by the legendary Quincy Jones!

Fionna Writes’ EXCLUSIVE interview with the producers of Redwood: The Series

So, a few weeks ago I promised you an exclusive interview with the producers of “Redwood: The Series” and that time has come. Redwood is a vampire genre web series that is going to leave you thirsty for more! (see what I did there? Ha!)

If you aren’t yet familiar with the show then you’re… well, late… but not too late. You still have time to catch up on season 1 as Redwood gears up for season two, which is promised to suck you in (pun intended… I’m on a roll today).

Without further ado, here is my EXCLUSIVE interview with the producers of “Redwood: The Series.”

Enjoy, comment, follow everyone here, share, subscribe & love!

Yes, I’m very pregnant during this interview and no, I didn’t pop during the interview.

The beautiful & brilliant Ramona supporting “Lyrics of a Dreamer’s Heart.”

Send me a picture of you with your copy and I’ll feature you on the blog!

To be originally me.


Politically incorrect and socially inept,

But only because of the burning truth within…

The truth I refuse to compromise or disguise,

For the comfort of others afraid to begin their lives.

They look on with judging eyes and hear with biased ears.

They process with brainwashed minds and decide with their fears.

A people ruled by masses,

No originals dare take any chances.




Blown Away.

Every once in a while, inspiration blindsides and finds me when I’m not even looking for it.

I thought I motivated, I thought I inspired.

Today, I share the spotlight.


I never apologize for the life I’ve lived. After all, isn’t that what life is about? Living, learning, and growing from each experience? I think so.

Fear of failure, judgment, rejection, or anything along those lines should never be the reason we don’t pursue something. I know too many people who’ve let their lives be directed by fear. They were too afraid of failing, they were too afraid that others would not approve, they were too afraid of making mistakes, they were too afraid of this or that… and because of that, they now live in regret. This isn’t to say I don’t have stories where fear stopped me, I do. And there are plenty risks I wish I would’ve taken, but more often than not, fear didn’t stop me. I’ve gone through with experiences that have absolutely terrified me and the result has always been the same whether the experience was good or bad: I came out stronger, more confident, and with a better understanding of who I was.

Part of self-discovery is taking chances and risks to learn what you are capable of, what unknown interests you may discover and which you don’t care for, finding purpose and passions that you maybe were unaware of before, and gaining strength and confidence to achieve the next task or goal life has in store for you. It’s always a learning process. Always.

No matter what we do, there will always be naysayers, someone judging, criticizing, and questioning our decisions and actions. Let them. Usually, particularly if they are friends or family, those people have good intentions and want the best for you. Even though they are trying to show they care, those judgments are usually based on their own insecurities and lack of experiences in their own lives. They are imprisoned by their fear of the unknown, and that is reflected in their judgments of others. Those who do not embrace new and (sometimes) scary experiences do not understand the importance of them. But how could they? They’ve never taken the time to explore their own capabilities nor reach their full potential by taking any risks. They choose to stay locked in the comfort of what they know to be true.

You only have one shot at this life (unless you believe in reincarnation, but still… how many of us actually remember our past lives?)… so, you only have one shot at this life and you can either allow the fear of judgment and failure to hold you back from what may possibly turn out to be the most profound experience of your lifetime, or you can learn to not need the acceptance of others, embrace “failure” as a stepping stone to your ultimate success, and live unapologetically.

I’m willing to bet that the most noted and accomplished people in history were risk-takers. Be great. There’s no reason not to be.


Tony Hinds reading “Lyrics of a Dreamer’s Heart” in his spare time… Nice!


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