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Kneepads & Vodka


Knee deep
In her bottle
Of poison

Prayers replaced
By acts of sin
To a stranger

He swears
He needs her
For pleasure

Thoughts to kill
Tequila shots
Warm milk chasers

His displace
Her escape
Voracious appetites

Striving to
Fill opposite voids
Each inherited

By broken pasts
That were built to last
Organized clutter

Nowhere to go
But dirty fucks
In the gutter


Lonely Hearts


We are such sensitive creatures, some more than others. The depths of which we FEEL every emotion that accompanies each incident, each instance of our lives is bound to be immeasurable. There can’t possibly be a way to measure the number of emotions experienced, which run rampant through the person whose mind NEVER shuts up, never takes a break from analyzing… replaying each scenario only 13 billion times to ensure they’ve understood each action, reaction, lack of, motivation, inspiration, intention, and so on and so on. Some of us are such sensitive creatures yearning for an honest, deep, raw connection with a person who we love and who loves us back. Seemingly, these types of people are becoming extinct, as it is such a rarity to find someone who feels and wants that type of connection.

We are a people whose connectedness is only skin deep, we dare not explore the depths of another human because it requires a lot of time, work, and potentially, disappointment. So, instead, we live artificially and shallowly. Which also means, we live alone in our thoughts and desires, which increases the number of people who feel lonely and disconnected. We deprive ourselves from a human need of being deeply connected to another because of the current trend of having something to prove to a mass number of acquaintances. And since it is usually a facade, an illusion, a phony life we show, we dare not get too close to anyone and expose our truths.

For the sake of humanity, I pray we find love again. The real, deep, explorative love that connects people.



New Dreams



On the other side

Of defense

Is a rise

Of despair

Suffering can’t find

Restored faith

After the fall

 No beginning

And no end

We float amiss

The grey skies

A broken dream

Searching for

A new meaning



Broken Dreams


I’ve got to hit the road

Carrying a heavy load

Don’t mind if I travel slow

I’m on a quest

To find somewhere quaint

To rest my weary heart

Been a long time coming

‘Cause trying to save love

Can tear the dreamer apart

My mind pleas for peace

My heart pleas for love

My soul pleas for freedom

All achieved through truth

The truth shall set me free

It’s what I seek on my journey

Greed has made it challenging

When it should be quite easy

Dear broken heart, be free



In search of a bubble


Your shallowness

Is charming

Because it’s innocently blind


You’re endearingly blissful 

In the bubble

You live in


Untainted by reality

Enjoy that

Unscathed fantasy


If possible

Make room for two

Let me join you




Heart Art


My art is
My Words

And that starts
And it ends
In my heart

My heart
Is my art




Soul Windows

Piling on
Mascara layers
And heavy, dark eyeliner

To bring life
To her eyes
Since they’re dead inside


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