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When she smiles

When she REALLY smiles


It makes

Them lose

Their dignity

Their self-respect

Cat calls

Dog howls

Each competing


To turn around

Hoping to


In the warmth

Of her lips



Black magic pt. III [Finale]


Fly Away Lovers


We brood

       We love

We move

      We bluff

Our highs being ecstasy

Blissful, beautiful

Our lows being crucifying

Mournful, despondent

So I fly, fly away

Attempts to escape

An unyielding pain

You run, run back to me

Pleading to my sky

One more try

Star-crossed lovers

Non-stop lovers

Fly away lovers

We are

Fleeing love

         Seeking love

Bereaving love

         Seeming love

Inevitably fatal,

Always too close

Always too far


Never within reach


Fionna Writes

Photo credit: Thomas Mathew Photography

A woman defined by she, not compromised by he.


Having been lost before, I often feel obligated to intervene when I see a woman seeking the attention of men to gain false confidence, especially when her choices bring more trouble than good.

No man can fill that hole in your self-esteem and lack of self-worth. Only you can do that. He does not validate who you are, or make you sexy or worthy. You do that. Your confidence does that. Your worthiness is defined to others by the way you treat and represent yourself.

If you’re seeking the emotionally unavailable and feel approved if/when he responds minimally to your pleas, then all you’re doing is saying without words that you don’t mind being treated less than your worth. Don’t be afraid to LET GO. You’re not missing out on anything, you’re not losing anything worth having. By letting go, you’re releasing clutter from your mind and from your heart, and you’re showing everyone that you know your worth and refuse to settle for anything less.

Be self-approved instead of desperate and needy. Love who you are, decide what you represent & commit to it, live in your purpose and flaunt your best (emotionally intact) self to attract the one who deserves you.

*Drops the mic*

Fionna Writes

My word is my bond

And it’s bound by the book of life.




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