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“Young, Bold, and Regal” Blogger Evan Jackson interviews author/poet Fionna Wright

It was an honor for me to be interviewed by this freelancer-turned-independent blogger and writer, Evan Jackson. His blog “Young, Bold and Regal” highlights women with a purpose, mainly in the creative arts. Through this blog, we are heard and appreciated and recognized for our crafts, and for our story. Thank you Evan for your support, and for finding my work notable!

Everyone, please follow and support Evan’s blog and work, he is serving a purpose that is much needed in a world where women are generally objectified and only seen, not heard. The links to his blog and social media sites can be found right under the interview link! Thank you, enjoy!

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Sidewall divided but cyber-connected

Evolution in progress, though some refuse to accept it

A new way to dodge messy emotions

Innovated methods to express our devotions

In some cases, newer depths of loneliness

And an increase in people’s phoniness

Creative expression at an all time high

Word of mouse reaching that extra few eyes

To be fluent in technology could mean exposure

Which means, to our dreams, we’re one step closer

But this advanced tech davy-ness can mean isolation

Sudden awareness of being just one in our world’s population

An influx of inflated stories to portray abundant lives

We’re eager to prove what to whom with all these lies?

To ourselves maybe, so tech-masks we wear

Using online profiles as diaries, there’s no limit to what we share

So desperately trying to fit in with others’ lies we believe

Online statuses replace fake smiles so it’s easier to deceive

Don’t call me, just text me and I’ll respond when I please

Don’t meet me, just Skype me and I’ll be quite the tease

Sidewall divided but cybr-connected…

I wonder, is this all that we expected?




Let it be magical.


I was venting to my sis about feeling guilty for outgrowing certain people, and she so perfectly said: “I want to be around people that are hungry, people who stand up for what they believe in, people who are so passionate it makes them crazy.”

So, that’s that. I’ve always wanted everyone to like me, and while I will continue being friendly and loving toward people since that is my natural state, I can no longer bend over backwards for everyone. My priority is my daughter & my everyday family, including the very few friends I consider family and the people who are aware of and passionate about their purpose. If we are going to be friends, then let it be inspiring, magical, life-changing, purposeful.

I no longer have the space or energy for entertaining the people whose identity is in direct correlation to someone else wether it be a spouse, friend, or anyone else other than themselves. If you are always trying to keep up or be like someone you think is doing well then you will never live your purpose. I no longer have space for the toxic friend who always sees the negative in every situation and has an excuse for not even trying. If you continue to view the world as one big ball of failure then that is what it will be. Take a risk, gain some experience and perspective, live life a little — or a lot. And stop confusing your pessimism for realism, you’re not the all-knowing anything. Get over yourself, please. I no longer have the space or energy for the fake friend who only checks in when they want to show off, brag or just to see if you have any success or perks that they can take. I SEE RIGHT THROUGH YOU. Always have, just never called you out. Stop it.

I ONLY have the space or energy for the beautiful souls who are working on fulfilling their purpose and making this world a better one to live in. If that’s you, let’s vibe.



Commotion in Motion


A restless spirit

Leading a reckless life

With a mind bound

By chains of morality

And a wild heart

Passionately roaming

She’s untamed

Yet constrained

In an endless game

Of logic vs. emotion

What a fucking commotion




Toxic Release


People will often try to belittle you when they are feeling insecure or inferior. But, if you can take a step back and recognize that they are coming from a vulnerable place, you will know it is nothing to be offended by. If anything, be flattered that they think so highly of you. But, more than that, be compassionate and empathetic toward them. If you love them through those negative feelings then you’ll help ease their fear of your greatness.

Maybe, they fear losing you so they try to push you away before feelings of rejection in them arises. They want to beat you to the punch. Or, maybe they fear never reaching that same greatness in their lives so they try to tear you down to keep you where they are. Or, they lack their own identity so their life revolves around mimicking you, someone they feel is fulfilling their own purpose and it makes you feel uncomfortable that they are watching your every move.

In any case, never lose sight of love and humanity. If you throw any accomplishments in their face out of spite then you you’re just as ugly as their negativity and insecurities. But, if you love, genuinely love — not be mistaken with accepting any form of abuse — then you’ll both have the opportunity to flourish. If they refuse to accept love, or continue to make you feel uncomfortable with their lackluster behavior, at least you can nix them from your life guilt-free and still send love, light and guidance their way… from a distance.





Breathtakingly, she floats

Carried by the vibrations

Of energies surrounding her

And because of that

An array of emotions fabricate her soul

She causes a ripple effect

And spreads her love

But absorbs your pain

With her sponge of a spirit

Freeing you

She carries the weight

Of your burdens



She knows no other way to live

There was never a more beautiful

Kind of Insanity

Than the one that lives

Tucked in the folds

Of her strange mind

A chameleon of life

She belongs

To no one

And to everyone

A friend to the world

A creature of the universe

Eternally seeking a truth

That she may never find

But the force of her heart

Won’t allow her to ever stop



Good vibes only


I distrust the person whose values, morals and identity are based solely on popular opinion.

Their dignity is nonexistent, and with no dignity comes no shame and likely no compassion.

That’s an energy I can always do without.

Fionna Writes


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