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Love Wrap


To be wrapped in

Your love

Suffocated by

Your affection

Inspired by

Your childlike acceptance

Consumed by

Your intellect

Pre-occupied with

Your intentions

And doused in

A lustful stupor


That’s my dream




A Mother’s Love


A mother’s love begins with a seed

An unseeable force that lives within she

This growing seed brings morning sickness and emotional instability

But not even backaches and cramps can send her love fleeing

This is a love no father can ever conceive

For baby’s creation happens within she

A mother’s love is pure and remains unconditionally

For over nine months, it’s just you and she.

Two hearts connected physically and spiritually

Thoughts of baby consume her days and nights undeniably

This tiny person she is creating is the most significant one she’s lived to see

For you are, and will always be, her sweet baby.




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