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Soul Windows

Piling on
Mascara layers
And heavy, dark eyeliner

To bring life
To her eyes
Since they’re dead inside

Cosmic Lovers


I can see
The stars
In your eyes
Got lost inside
A distant galaxy
Supernova blast wave
Consumed by
The fallacy
Of a fiery
Venus love
In a heart
As cold
As mars
Deeply staring
Into a vast
Blank space
While dreaming
Of a place
In the cosmos
That is ours



Get lost in me



I needed someone

To love

My every quirk

To find

My eccentricities


To live

In my reality

Not theirs

And whose sanity


Every drip

Of my insanity

To survive



Bare. Beach

You play a treacherous game
When lying in love
Obstructing the trust
Once she’s had enough

To your dismay
This provokes transcending ways
She goes for the kill
Once she decides to play

A woman scorned
A good girl mourned
You’ve been forewarned

Consider your bold-faced lies
As mental suicide
As she enters the court
With her vengeance sword


Fionna Writes

Photo Credit:

Ammala Photography

Fly Away Lovers


We brood

       We love

We move

      We bluff

Our highs being ecstasy

Blissful, beautiful

Our lows being crucifying

Mournful, despondent

So I fly, fly away

Attempts to escape

An unyielding pain

You run, run back to me

Pleading to my sky

One more try

Star-crossed lovers

Non-stop lovers

Fly away lovers

We are

Fleeing love

         Seeking love

Bereaving love

         Seeming love

Inevitably fatal,

Always too close

Always too far


Never within reach


Fionna Writes

Photo credit: Thomas Mathew Photography

Chrissy Teigen Supports…

Supermodel Chrissy Teigen supports “Love Tells”


My second book, “Love Tells” is here!

It’s been a long time coming. But without further ado, I present to you my second book of poetry, Love Tells…



Book will be available for purchase this weekend on amazon or directly from createspace.com!

More exciting events coming soon, stay posted!

Fionna Writes

As the world turns.


We live in a world where more people than not are surface-living. Rarely do we find, anymore, people with such depth to them that conversations never get boring, learning never ends, and discovery is limitless.

Now, people are one-dimensional and once you’ve had a conversation, each following will echo that first one. They regurgitate the same information that circulates within their closed minds. And, generally, those repetitive thoughts floating in their brain are self-absorbed. They focus on their circle, the world they’ve created around self. They dare not open their mind’s to exploring the entire world… The universe… in which we exist.

The problem is, our brains, our minds are such intricate, powerful creatures that need to constantly be exercised and challenged in order to grow. But, most don’t even begin to utilize it’s full potential. They pollute them with garbage and allow external sources to tell them what to believe, what to think, and how to feel. When did we lose the curiosity of exploration and discovery of our world? Too many have been conditioned and programmed to ignore the part of us that needs to be in constant pursuit of answers to life’s mysteries. And, it’s a shame.

There’s a few of us left whose depth cannot be filled or satisfied with, what we see as, blatant mockery fed to us by the media. Because of that, we are teased by insanity since we aggressively search for truth in a phony world and are often overwhelmed by loneliness. That’s because it’s human nature to yearn for human connection. But with insatiable minds like these, it’s difficult to genuinely connect without being misunderstood.

And to be misunderstood is the loneliest state of mind. But, to be understood would expose even the darkest corners of our minds & what a catastrophe that would be.

Fionna Writes

Not a love story.

You see the person I’ve become- resilient & full of love & light…

Though your lips smile, your eyes don’t


Fionna Writes’ EXCLUSIVE interview with the producers of Redwood: The Series

So, a few weeks ago I promised you an exclusive interview with the producers of “Redwood: The Series” and that time has come. Redwood is a vampire genre web series that is going to leave you thirsty for more! (see what I did there? Ha!)

If you aren’t yet familiar with the show then you’re… well, late… but not too late. You still have time to catch up on season 1 as Redwood gears up for season two, which is promised to suck you in (pun intended… I’m on a roll today).

Without further ado, here is my EXCLUSIVE interview with the producers of “Redwood: The Series.”

Enjoy, comment, follow everyone here, share, subscribe & love!

Yes, I’m very pregnant during this interview and no, I didn’t pop during the interview.


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