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Kneepads & Vodka


Knee deep
In her bottle
Of poison

Prayers replaced
By acts of sin
To a stranger

He swears
He needs her
For pleasure

Thoughts to kill
Tequila shots
Warm milk chasers

His displace
Her escape
Voracious appetites

Striving to
Fill opposite voids
Each inherited

By broken pasts
That were built to last
Organized clutter

Nowhere to go
But dirty fucks
In the gutter


Fly Away Lovers


We brood

       We love

We move

      We bluff

Our highs being ecstasy

Blissful, beautiful

Our lows being crucifying

Mournful, despondent

So I fly, fly away

Attempts to escape

An unyielding pain

You run, run back to me

Pleading to my sky

One more try

Star-crossed lovers

Non-stop lovers

Fly away lovers

We are

Fleeing love

         Seeking love

Bereaving love

         Seeming love

Inevitably fatal,

Always too close

Always too far


Never within reach


Fionna Writes

Photo credit: Thomas Mathew Photography

All or Nothing



I merely wanted

His everything 

To be

My anything


He wanted nothing

So I gave him

All the nothing 

I could give



Fionna Writes

Self Talk.

Internally chaotic

Each plan moving too fast

But still feel like I’m going slowly

Emotions thrown off balance

Restless anxiety battles my soul

Thinking about the security of my future

Earth orbits, so people are lost

Circling aimlessly

Recognizing my power and fearful of the responsibility it comes with

Worrying about judgement

Mixed emotions about change

What will be lost? What will be found?

Excited for each tomorrow

Planning, scheming, wondering, worrying

Too hard to live in this moment

Hungry for knowledge and truth

Though discovery can steal bliss

Ignorant optimism

Positive genius

Masculine bravery

Feminine Heart

Dangerous combination




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