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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and whether you’re floating in love with that special someone, celebrating your freedom as a single person with your favorite wine & sappy book, or showering your favorite little human with love, books are always easy, great gifts. So why not add one or all of these to your V-day shopping list! There’s something for everyone! All books are available online through Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Send me pictures of you with your copy for a shoutout here on the blog (www.fionnawrites.com) and on IG & FB, and to be officially entered in my next sweepstake with gifts you’ll love! Happy gifting, happy reading, happy loving! ūüėČ

Fionna Writes

Clothed in his greed


She walks around
Wearing his secrets
And feels like
They’re on display
For everyone to see
For everyone to judge
She carries his shame
As her own
Because she chose
To stay
But his guilt
Is not hers
A lesson she
Will surely learn

Fionna Writes

For the Queens & Kings


There’s no shortage of advice for women when it comes to dealing with, dating & understanding men. While it is true that women are typically (not always, but typically) the more emotional creature, what’s not true is that we are wrong for it. We are beautiful for it, we make the world a more humane place, we embody compassion and empathy. And, sadly, our big hearts often end up broken because we give too quickly when it comes to a man we care about, it’s in our nature to love with our all. So, while it’s important to have insight into a man’s mind and understand that they aren’t built in that same way, to know they are physical creatures first, it is also important to have insight into the woman’s mind and heart so that a KING, a REAL MAN will not trick, string along, and lie to women to get what they want. A KING will be honest with his intentions and value his integrity, he will not HAVE to lie just to get some. Women are sacred, we carry and bring in precious life and we DESERVE our king’s respect, honesty, and to be cherished and protected. If men and women met in the middle when it comes to understanding and respecting the opposite sex then we’d have less heartbreak, less fatherless children, less overwhelmed single mothers, less drama, and more love and respect.

Only the Queens & Kings will feel me though.

Fionna Writes

Seeking heart


Her love had an impenetrable depth
She wore her heart proudly
And gracefully, externally

A woman of stature
With an elegance redefined
A classic beauty bettered with time

Though often misunderstood
As foolish in love
For giving her all, not an ounce of mistrust

But no stranger to pain or betrayal
Well aware of the dangers of transparency
Still, her heart yearned for complacency

A love aficionado
Living in a world of lost souls
Searching for a place for her heart to call home

Fionna Writes

Beautiful Year


May today mark the beginning of a beautiful journey, a flourishing year to come.

Love more, hate none. Smile often, you never know who will soar in it. Give unconditionally but don’t give because you feel obligated or you’ll become resentful. Only give what your heart feels unattached to.

Let 2015, and every year after, be beautiful.

Fionna Writes

The invisible


As beautiful and alluring as people are, we are also flawed and scarred reflecting our pain and perceptions onto the world. And in doing so, we make this world a complicated place to live in.

There is such mystery in every eye I meet, every guarded soul I feel but we have learned that sharing our heart isn’t free. It costs someone’s time and requires an interested and listening ear, and that’s too expensive these days. People have neither the time nor the interest in those who have no benefit to him.

What about the woman who empties the airport trash? She works swiftly but quietly, trying to remain invisible as not to disrupt the waiting passengers. I’ll bet in her silence and solitude, she has soaked up a wealth of information from passerbys and from overhearing conversations of those who don’t even acknowledge her existence. Or maybe she’s so caught up in her own life and woes, that she just goes through the motions everyday gliding from trash can to trash can, emptying the days burdens, secrets, and discarded thoughts. She works long hours and goes unnoticed, but without her the airports would tell our filthy truths.

I wonder if she understands more than the busy businessman how lonely our world is, or if he understands just as well as she does when he cuddles with his money at night. Maybe he just puts up a front and isn’t as blind as he seems. Maybe he understands clearly the depths of loneliness that come with being invisible. He might understand that in his world, he is equated with a dollar sign. The quality of his life is directly related to how much money people think he has… Meaning, those in his circle who he pretends are his closest allies are only there to reap the benefits. And if one day he was stripped of all his wealth, he would be like the trash lady. Alone. Stuck picking up the filthy truths of his once “closest” peers.

Maybe that’s why he doesn’t acknowledge her existence. So many of us don’t acknowledge her. Maybe we are afraid to catch trash-picker-itis… If we look at her, we’ll have that life. Or maybe we’re worried that if we let her know we see her, she’ll unload her life’s problems onto us and look for handouts. What a burden that would be, a nuisance even!

Or maybe, just maybe, we will brighten her day and let her know she matters in this world. She may even feel inspired by it. And we all know what a little love & inspiration can do.

Smile freely. Those who need it most will always appreciate it more than you may ever know.

Fionna Writes



The controversy

Of diversity

An unnecessary adversity

A puzzle to my mind

That peace we cannot find

Leaving hatred to define


The segregated

The aggravated

The extricated

Masses from different classes believing

We’re¬†nothing alike, but how deceiving

‘Cause¬†in the end we’re all grieving



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