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Dear Lover


And so
Our lips met
In between
Reality and fantasy

A kiss
Long remembered
For forthcoming
Salacious stories

A love affair
Only intensely risqué
To satisfy
Insatiable appetites



Cosmic Lovers


I can see
The stars
In your eyes
Got lost inside
A distant galaxy
Supernova blast wave
Consumed by
The fallacy
Of a fiery
Venus love
In a heart
As cold
As mars
Deeply staring
Into a vast
Blank space
While dreaming
Of a place
In the cosmos
That is ours



Get lost in me



I needed someone

To love

My every quirk

To find

My eccentricities


To live

In my reality

Not theirs

And whose sanity


Every drip

Of my insanity

To survive



Bare. Beach

You play a treacherous game
When lying in love
Obstructing the trust
Once she’s had enough

To your dismay
This provokes transcending ways
She goes for the kill
Once she decides to play

A woman scorned
A good girl mourned
You’ve been forewarned

Consider your bold-faced lies
As mental suicide
As she enters the court
With her vengeance sword


Fionna Writes

Photo Credit:

Ammala Photography

Love Wrap


To be wrapped in

Your love

Suffocated by

Your affection

Inspired by

Your childlike acceptance

Consumed by

Your intellect

Pre-occupied with

Your intentions

And doused in

A lustful stupor


That’s my dream




All or Nothing



I merely wanted

His everything 

To be

My anything


He wanted nothing

So I gave him

All the nothing 

I could give



Fionna Writes

Sweet lies


His eyes

Told dark truths


She listened to his lips

His sweet, intoxicating lips

By the time she saw

His eyes

It was too late

She was drunk

In beautiful agony


Fionna Writes



Roughin’ it between… on top, and under the sheets

It’s not love but tonight that’s alright

Kiss me here, lick you there, thrustin’ hard


Toss me up against the bed

Then head down south with your mouth

Up and down, sideways, swerve


The motions that keep my hips curved

You grab, I scratch and moan and scream

Keep whispering sweet nothings


Deep inside of me

Putting in work, both of us get sweaty

I jump on top to take control

Your eyes roll back with toes curled


Smirkin’ and twerkin’ to show my appreciation

‘Cause you rescued me from a lonely night

Even though it’s just tonight, you keep doing everything right


We go ‘til we’re both satisfied, a few more times then pass out

And in the morning when I wake, the hangover leaves me to recuperate

Now that’s a session worth me mentioning

Curiosity Killed the Heart

There’s something enticing about someone you know you’ll lose yourself in. That one person who will have your heart untamed, while managing to be the only one with access and control over it. They’re the person whose mysteriousness can pique your inescapable curiosity… and no matter how many experiences you share together, you never fully know the depths of their heart.

This person aways leaves you yearning for them, a feeling so strong that you confuse it with necessity. You think you need them. It’s an unbearable feeling to be without them… a full blown case of withdrawal and momentary insanity.

Most often, we know right away, within the first few meetings that this person is our kryptonite. We know it before the madness ensues, while we have the chance to make a clean getaway. But, we pursue it anyway. We let our curiosity and attraction to their uninhibited heart lead the way because we, too, crave to be free from ourselves sometimes. And we crave human connection… the deep, beautiful, ugly, passionate, illogical connection between the one we convince ourselves is our soulmate, our partner in crime and in life.

We romanticize the premonition of our disastrous love. We can only see the beauty in exploring the darkest sides of one another, and merging our souls. It’s a dangerous love affair. It’s a destructive path that always ends in the most profoundly painful way, and still, we miss it. We search for it everywhere we go. But, it’s a feeling that is irreplaceable.

Maybe that’s because, if we survived it the first time, another time would surely kill us. They say curiosity killed the cat, and it seems it can kill the heart too.




Four shadows foreshadow greedy intentions

Ones of betrayal and lust they dare not mention.

Not looking far enough into the future to feel apprehension

And when it’s too late, what will be their redemption?

Foreshadow shadowed by selfish satisfaction

A transaction that will lead to every one’s extraction.

All blind to this fate due to their current distraction

But destiny will soon shed light on each of their infractions.

And then… ?




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