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Do you?


Break ups can be so strange. When we decide to enter a relationship with someone, we are giving ourselves permission to open up and share the parts of us we normally keep from the world… Emotionally, mentally, physically. Our lives are intertwined, we adjust and compromise some of our ways to allow the relationship to blossom. And then, somewhere along the way, things change. Hearts shift, intentions sway and oftentimes, resentment builds until the relationship shatters. And then we break up, and usually become strangers. But, we pick up our pieces and continue living our lives separately. But sometimes, when the wind kisses our skin, when the rain softly sings it’s song, when the moon gently smiles down on us nostalgically… We remember a favorite chapter from the story of us. The laughs we shared, the kiss that made us blush, the secret that was only ours… And just for a second, before the chaos of life demands our attention back, we wonder if, in that same moment, you are sharing that same thought and feeling. A moment that still keeps us connected even while we are worlds away from what used to be.






When she smiles

When she REALLY smiles


It makes

Them lose

Their dignity

Their self-respect

Cat calls

Dog howls

Each competing


To turn around

Hoping to


In the warmth

Of her lips



Black Magic Pt. II


Hypnotized by all of her
A nymph who epitomizes passion
He, feeling like a schoolboy
Is overwhelmed by her seduction
Yet, unable to resist her
Though beautiful, she is peculiar, mystic
And detached while still making
Him feel as if he is her only one

An enigma that has him stumped
He desperately wants
To be immersed in her world
Completely aware that her world
Isn’t the same one he lives in
Hers is dangerous, but thrilling
He knows he might not survive
But one touch makes his blood rush
So the risk is a must…

To be continued


Fionna Writes

Black Magic pt. 1

Jet black hair
Flowing like the ocean
Glistens against her golden skin
Light brown eyes
Whose depths are endless
Irresistibly mysterious
Luring them all in
Men & women alike
With just a glance

Though her penetrating gaze
Is set on one man
She let’s him believe
He’s the one in control
What he doesn’t realize
Is tasting her ambrosial potion
Put him under her spell
Her love juice put him in a trance…

Cosmic Lovers


I can see
The stars
In your eyes
Got lost inside
A distant galaxy
Supernova blast wave
Consumed by
The fallacy
Of a fiery
Venus love
In a heart
As cold
As mars
Deeply staring
Into a vast
Blank space
While dreaming
Of a place
In the cosmos
That is ours



Get lost in me



I needed someone

To love

My every quirk

To find

My eccentricities


To live

In my reality

Not theirs

And whose sanity


Every drip

Of my insanity

To survive



Overcoming Insecurities


Problems arise where our insecurities lie.

This thought was provoked when a well-to-do person crossed my path. I thought to myself, “I bet they never worry about having the ability and qualities and talents needed to achieve financial success” which led me to believe that it’s because they are not insecure about having what it takes to get money, a lot of it. Whereas, someone else, may question their abilities, talents and gifts to offer the world, and because they don’t feel worthy, they emanate that to others and are treated that way, getting in the way of their own self.

Insecurities can be self-destructive, as well as catastrophic to any encompassing relationships albeit family, love, or friends. The woman who has felt betrayal and can never fully trust any man she’s in a relationship with causing her to provoke fights, over-think every situation and be on a constant search for a truth she doesn’t really want to find. Or the man who has felt betrayal so never completely commits to anyone, always having 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th options as backup, or is just a serial dater.

On the flip side, they can be the reason we overcompensate in one area. The chubby kid turned body builder, always trying to prove to himself that he’s not that fat little boy… but never quite getting rid of the “fat boy” image and accompanying condescending self-talk in his mind. The little girl who grew up in poverty and never had what the other kids had, so she never lost sight of money, ignoring every other aspect of her life and is now sitting in wealth… all alone. And probably partaking in a dangerous vice (alcohol or drug abuse; promiscuity, gambling, etc.)

Perception is what will determine whether we drown in insecurities or have unparalleled success because of them. While to completely rid of insecurities is not an easy goal to attain, that should always be something we work toward. We want abundance in emotional and mental health, and overcoming those insecurities so that they aren’t constantly nagging your innermost self (therefore being the sole reason behind your every action) is ideal. It’s never good to be controlled by insecurities whether the result is paramount success or utter dwelling and resentment in an underachieving life. Because, in neither of those is there lasting joy, fulfillment, acceptance of self or honest love from others… the things we need to truly FEEL successful. Granted, if being ruled by insecurities, I’d rather be the one who creates riches over the broke and broken person.

It’s important to acknowledge the root of our insecurities because, all too often, we lose sight of the root of them and continue adding moments of afflictions, collected over the years, onto what eventually becomes our massive, tangled pile of insecurities. Each insecurity intersecting and overlapping the other to the point of becoming one big, nasty, knot. If we deal with our insecurities early on… right after they are created then we will have a lot less work to do later.

Take the time to go through the emotions that come with being hurt/attacked/violated, acknowledge each emotion, feel each one, but do not sit and dwell in any of them. Do not allow yourself to see yourself as a victim because your actions and the way you carry yourself will be that of a victim and people will treat you like a victim. They will pity you, shame you, belittle you and that will only deepen your insecurities.

See yourself as a survivor, a strong enough person to persevere, to overcome this painful situation. Be the person who will not allow pain afflicted on you from someone (who never conquered their own insecurities) or from some circumstance (poverty, etc.) to define you or to make you stagnant or despondent. When you change your perception from victim to triumphant then people will treat you as such, they will respect you, admire you, and be inspired by you. Be your own hero first, and then reach back and be someone else’s hero too.


Find abundance where insecurities die.




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