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Soul Windows

Piling on
Mascara layers
And heavy, dark eyeliner

To bring life
To her eyes
Since they’re dead inside

Cosmic Lovers


I can see
The stars
In your eyes
Got lost inside
A distant galaxy
Supernova blast wave
Consumed by
The fallacy
Of a fiery
Venus love
In a heart
As cold
As mars
Deeply staring
Into a vast
Blank space
While dreaming
Of a place
In the cosmos
That is ours



Bare. Beach

You play a treacherous game
When lying in love
Obstructing the trust
Once she’s had enough

To your dismay
This provokes transcending ways
She goes for the kill
Once she decides to play

A woman scorned
A good girl mourned
You’ve been forewarned

Consider your bold-faced lies
As mental suicide
As she enters the court
With her vengeance sword


Fionna Writes

Photo Credit:

Ammala Photography

Love Wrap


To be wrapped in

Your love

Suffocated by

Your affection

Inspired by

Your childlike acceptance

Consumed by

Your intellect

Pre-occupied with

Your intentions

And doused in

A lustful stupor


That’s my dream




Love Investment


“I accept you. Wholly.”

He said

Then he listed off

One by one

The stipulations

In a manner such as

A businessman outlining

The terms of an almost closed deal

To him, “we” were

An investment

He expected an ROI

But to me,

We were two

Sweet nothings

That consumed

My mind

My soul

My heart


Fionna Writes

All or Nothing



I merely wanted

His everything 

To be

My anything


He wanted nothing

So I gave him

All the nothing 

I could give



Fionna Writes

Excited to announce my YouTube debut!

Hello, YouTube world!

So excited to have another way of connecting with all of you beautiful people!

Happy Friday everyone

Duo of You


The contortion of your emotions
Leaves me feeling out of place

Your intention of retention
A sensuous slap to my face

If you love me and you hate me
Then that makes two

Two faced and tight-laced
The duo of you

Fionna Writes

My second book, “Love Tells” is here!

It’s been a long time coming. But without further ado, I present to you my second book of poetry, Love Tells…



Book will be available for purchase this weekend on amazon or directly from createspace.com!

More exciting events coming soon, stay posted!

Fionna Writes

To be originally me.


Politically incorrect and socially inept,

But only because of the burning truth within…

The truth I refuse to compromise or disguise,

For the comfort of others afraid to begin their lives.

They look on with judging eyes and hear with biased ears.

They process with brainwashed minds and decide with their fears.

A people ruled by masses,

No originals dare take any chances.





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