The ROI of Diversity Marketing – Toronto, ON

Fionna Wright helps companies in fields where their professional image has a direct impact on their success.  Through diverse and inclusive marketing, she focuses on reputation management, customer reach and loyalty, effective positive workplaces and substantial ROI.

What people are saying

“Fionna is able to grab hold of the audience’s attention and then keep it. She puts everything into her delivery, and is able to show her human side when she is on stage. Fionna blew me away with the content of her presentation, full with emotion and elegance. She’s a speaker I would return to see again and again.” -Hannah Butcher, Head of Content & PR at UK digital marketing agency Koozai

“Fionna knows how to bring the house down with her presentations. She is a captivating presenter, providing moving anecdotes paired with thoughtful research. There was not a dry eye in the room during her presentation, and I would love to see her present again!” -Diane Kulseth, Senior SEO Consultant and Trainer at Siteimprove