Roughin’ it between… on top, and under the sheets

It’s not love but tonight that’s alright

Kiss me here, lick you there, thrustin’ hard


Toss me up against the bed

Then head down south with your mouth

Up and down, sideways, swerve


The motions that keep my hips curved

You grab, I scratch and moan and scream

Keep whispering sweet nothings


Deep inside of me

Putting in work, both of us get sweaty

I jump on top to take control

Your eyes roll back with toes curled


Smirkin’ and twerkin’ to show my appreciation

‘Cause you rescued me from a lonely night

Even though it’s just tonight, you keep doing everything right


We go ‘til we’re both satisfied, a few more times then pass out

And in the morning when I wake, the hangover leaves me to recuperate

Now that’s a session worth me mentioning