As the world turns.


We live in a world where more people than not are surface-living. Rarely do we find, anymore, people with such depth to them that conversations never get boring, learning never ends, and discovery is limitless.

Now, people are one-dimensional and once you’ve had a conversation, each following will echo that first one. They regurgitate the same information that circulates within their closed minds. And, generally, those repetitive thoughts floating in their brain are self-absorbed. They focus on their circle, the world they’ve created around self. They dare not open their mind’s to exploring the entire world… The universe… in which we exist.

The problem is, our brains, our minds are such intricate, powerful creatures that need to constantly be exercised and challenged in order to grow. But, most don’t even begin to utilize it’s full potential. They pollute them with garbage and allow external sources to tell them what to believe, what to think, and how to feel. When did we lose the curiosity of exploration and discovery of our world? Too many have been conditioned and programmed to ignore the part of us that needs to be in constant pursuit of answers to life’s mysteries. And, it’s a shame.

There’s a few of us left whose depth cannot be filled or satisfied with, what we see as, blatant mockery fed to us by the media. Because of that, we are teased by insanity since we aggressively search for truth in a phony world and are often overwhelmed by loneliness. That’s because it’s human nature to yearn for human connection. But with insatiable minds like these, it’s difficult to genuinely connect without being misunderstood.

And to be misunderstood is the loneliest state of mind. But, to be understood would expose even the darkest corners of our minds & what a catastrophe that would be.

Fionna Writes

Her Story


It’s just that the roar of her dreams
Demanded all of her attention, time
And energy

It was just enough to distract her
From the whirlwind of resistance
And loud noise of her naysayers

Renewed vigor accompanied reflection
Only glancing back to see how far
She’d come… she’d conquered

What a beautiful odyssey she was on
Colored with her joys & sorrows
The palette of her travels

She’d trade in her journey for no one’s
Because this one belonged to her
A story only she could tell

This lady continues her voyage today
If you happen to cross her path
Know you won’t be in her way

Fionna Writes