In a world where greed rules and people become more and more self-absorbed, the chances of meeting authentically caring and loving people is at an all time low. At least it feels that way.

It’s too easy to come across people pretending to care about you, whose real intentions ultimately will hurt you. It’s too easy to meet people who are ready to take, take, take from you, rarely giving anything in return.

All the while, those same people place expectations on you and quickly label the relationship, possessively, wether it be a friendship or romantic relationship. And should you one day decide to release these kinds of people from your life after realizing that continuing to allow this person into your life always ends with your energy depleted, happiness vacuumed, dreams crushed, and hope lost, more often than not they will become upset. They may try to guilt-trip you trying to convince you why they should remain in your life, or they will become enraged and insult you while demanding to continue being apart of your life. You may even come across the “kill ’em with kindness” types. It’s always wise to be extra cautious with those, they’ve trained themselves to lie, manipulate and backstab… with a friendly smile.

It can be difficult to cut ties with someone you’ve grown fond of, shared good memories with, laughed with and whose company you often truly enjoyed. But, things will only become more difficult for you if you allow in-genuine folks in your life. You’ll always be distracted, trying to maneuver around their scheming ways. Trust your instincts and pay attention to the reality of the situation… if it’s more painful to stay and you find yourself dancing around the problems, then it is time to leave.

Freeing yourself from the snakes will allow for greatness to come your way.

Be great.