Farmer’s Market Finds

Um, I LOVE grocery shopping at farmer’s markets!

There was a time, before motherhood, when I was a fast food/processed food/eat anything junkie- and when I reflect on that time, it actually grosses me out. I was so unaware and careless about what I was putting into my body. My love handles and acne-ridden skin were sure signs of my reckless diet, but I was too oblivious and lazy to care about understanding why that was happening.

They say your maternal instincts kick in when you’re pregnant, and I guess that’s what happened. While I was pregnant, I suddenly wanted to know and understand what I was feeding this little embryo to make sure she was getting the nutrients and nourishment that she needed. The more I studied and researched about the cause and effects of food (the good & bad), the more my diet transitioned from filthy to clean.

Don’t get me wrong- I still eat french fries and sugar-filled desserts WAY too often. I’m human, and a work in progress. But, I can say with a clear conscience that the majority of our diet is filled with healthy, unprocessed, nutritious food and 95% of that food comes from farmer’s markets so we are supporting local farmers and small businesses, too.

But, browsing the farmer’s market isn’t all about work and being disciplined- it’s fun too! There is an aesthetic pleasure when it comes to food- all the colors, shapes, textures you find in fruits, veggies, and more- most markets offer more than just food! You can find natural body care products, conscious (or not) apparel, jewelry, and so much more depending on the market. Even the people seem happier, and more friendly at farmer’s markets so you get a dose of healthy, uplifting human connection too. Isn’t that something this world could use more of?

Some farmer’s markets even offer play areas for the kiddos- which is a bonus for my restless munchkin. Personally, the farmer’s markets are a form of therapy- we get to be outdoors, exploring, bonding and it’s also an opportunity to teach our little ones about the different kinds of healthy food and make them feel apart of the process so that they can enjoy their meals even more!

We had a blast at today’s market, check out our finds (I ate my DELICIOUS vegan Indian curry plate before I could get a pic- oops!):


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