Fionna M. Wright is an author, poet and content writer whose books include two collections of poetry and one children’s book, written and illustrated by herself. Fionna has been featured in VibeVixen magazine, on the blog Young, Bold and Regal, and her poetry has been published in World Poetry Movement’s poetry compilation book, Stars in Our Hearts. Her poetry has been recognized and supported by the famous crooner, John Legend and his witty, supermodel wife, Chrissy Teigen, as well as the legendary Ali Shaheed from A Tribe Called Quest, and more. Fionna’s thought-provoking poetry has been compared to the likes of legendary Gwendolyn Brooks. As a content writer, she has written biographies, online businesses websites (bio, about the company, etc.), and corporate newsletters and brochures.

Featured Image Fionna Writes

Fionna earned her BA from UC Riverside, and her MFA in multimedia communications from the Academy of Art University. A firm believer in the power of words, she uses writing as a tool to tell her truths, inspire, connect and share with her readers. Fionna’s writing can be found on her blog, Fionna Writes: Simple Words. Complex Thoughts.

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