Taking a leap of faith 

Anytime my dreams start to frighten me, I go back to this day. I DID NOT want to join my cousins in this bungee jumping insanity! I was in Ecuador visiting my family and my cousins took me to Baños, Ecuador.

I was good with the white water rafting, ziplining over the beautiful but rugged land & dirt biking up the rocky mountainside… But bungee jumping? I couldn’t see the fun in voluntarily jumping off of a bridge over a rapid river and rough terrain, albeit breathtakingly gorgeous. An eyeful of God’s creations to be admired and appreciated… But not to bungee jump over! I wouldn’t do it. I couldn’t. Nope. Never. Not me. I’ll just watch. And one by one, my cousins took their leaps of faith so graciously.

I was so impressed with them and already feeling regretful for not participating, but I just couldn’t muster up the courage to jump. And then there was one more cousin left to jump and she froze with fear after already being strapped in and standing on her mark, overlooking the scary-beautiful scene. She wanted to back down, she had changed her mind, and there was a lot of pressure on her to just jump. So to alleviate her, I offered to be her courage. If I could do it after my resistance, then surely she could do it! I took a moment to come to terms with my greatest fear: the rope snapping on me and falling to my death. I told myself, “at least if I die, my last scenery will be this remarkable vision of being enveloped in nature’s beauty. Still nervous, I got strapped in & got on my mark. In that moment, I took a deep breath and let all my thoughts go. For the first time in my life (to this day), my mind was silenced. I closed my eyes, took a deeeeep breath and filled my lungs with as much air as I could gather (I wanted to really enjoy it in case it was my last breath) & I took a HUGE leap of faith. When I opened my eyes… I was looking at the most divine sight, and I was flying! I didn’t even feel my safety belts, I was free.

Words can’t do it justice so I won’t even attempt to describe it. But it was a vision and a feeling I would’ve never seen, felt or understood had I listened to my fears. Oftentimes, jumping into the unknown is the only way to achieve greatness. Serve, breathe, pray, jump.


Fionna Writes


If you want to be trusted then be trustWORTHY. It’s such a simple concept that people clutter with their emotional baggage and poorly made life decisions. We often allow a moment to cloud our judgment and our selfishness to obstruct our views of what really matters and we act on a fleeting moment without realizing that only shows your weakness, not your strength. That only shows that you’ve been hurt, you’re damaged goods and you have no grasp on it. Hurt people hurt people. 
Everyone has baggage. Everyone has been stung. It’s the circle of life. But when you allow your jadedness, anger, hurt, resentment and envy to take over and make decisions for you then you will undoubtedly lose the ones who care the most for you.
My circle of trusted friends continues to shrink and though I’m always thankful for the experiences I share with everyone in my path because of the lessons I’ve learned from them, good and bad, I also am completely ok with the notion that some people are only meant to be in your life for a season. And when their actions show me that their greed is more valuable than our friendship, I find peace in removing myself from that situation. I’m a creative- I’m hyper-sensitive and painfully observant, sometimes to a fault. But, because I’m like this I cannot allow external influences to be around me that I know will only suck the energy and love out of me. 


Fionna Writes

Mind Race


Her mind is


Constantly chasing

Racing to the

Next conclusion

To trip over

Falling into

The depths of

Her gaping thoughts

Clinging tightly to

Her collection of


Cushioned by an

Assemblage of

Love knots

For she loves not

Because they forgot

What it means

Now she only aches

To be free

In her dreams




Tucson Festival of Books

It was a successful trip to Tucson, Arizona to participate in the Tucson Festival of Books.

A special thanks to Arizona’s KOLD news 13 and KGUN 9 for the media coverage and support, we appreciate you!

Thank you, Arizona, for the great experiences and the wisdom that was imparted onto me. 

We’ll see you next time! 😉


Fionna Writes

Dream On, Lovers

In a time where relationships are transient, temptation surrounds us and there’s more accessibility to anyone via technology, we find our inboxes and private messages flooded with words that blow up our egos, but those “e-lationships” still don’t keep us warm at night nor do they have any depth. What we’re left with is a mass of people suffering from a love deficit. Still, sometimes the hopeless romantic is caught daydreaming of a love that sticks like glue, untainted by external factors, exclusively exploring the depths of one another and building an empire from a solid foundation of trust and loyalty. 

Dream on, lovers. 💋


Fionna Writes

Our children are our future


Our children are the beauty of the future, they are receptacles of the love & knowledge we give them so we must remember to give it abundantly. There is great power in being equipped with a hearty education (worldly & formally) and bountiful love. Our children deserve this, as does the future of humanity.

I was blessed to have a chance to visit & spend time with my chubby wubby nephew after reading to the kiddos at Hope Academy and it filled my heart with hope and love. 💕




Black History Month highlight: Gwendolyn Brooks


Primer For Blacks
by Gwendolyn Brooks

is a title,
is a preoccupation,
is a commitment Blacks
are to comprehend—
and in which you are
to perceive your Glory.

The conscious shout
of all that is white is
“It’s Great to be white.”
The conscious shout
of the slack in Black is
‘It’s Great to be white.’
Thus all that is white
has white strength and yours.

The word Black
has geographic power,
pulls everybody in:
Blacks here—
Blacks there—
Blacks wherever they may be.
And remember, you Blacks, what they told you—
remember your Education:
“one Drop—one Drop
maketh a brand new Black.”
Oh mighty Drop.
______And because they have given us kindly
so many more of our people

stretches over the land.
the Black of it,
the rust-red of it,
the milk and cream of it,
the tan and yellow-tan of it,
the deep-brown middle-brown high-brown of it,
the “olive” and ochre of it—
marches on.

The huge, the pungent object of our prime out-ride
is to Comprehend,
to salute and to Love the fact that we are Black,
which is our “ultimate Reality,”
which is the lone ground
from which our meaningful metamorphosis,
from which our prosperous staccato,
group or individual, can rise.

Self-shriveled Blacks.
Begin with gaunt and marvelous concession:
YOU are our costume and our fundamental bone.

All of you—
you COLORED ones,
you NEGRO ones,
those of you who proudly cry
“I’m half INDian”—
those of you who proudly screech
“I’VE got the blood of George WASHington in MY veins”
ALL of you—
you proper Blacks,
you half-Blacks,
you wish-I-weren’t Blacks,
Niggeroes and Niggerenes.


Gwendolyn Brooks is a legendary, highly honored poet. She was the first black author to win the Pulitzer Prize, first black woman to hold the position of poetry consultant to the library of congress and she was also laureate of the state of Illinois. A lot of her work is politically and socially conscious, reflective of the era she lived through, the civil rights movement. She helped paved the way for black poets, and I thank her for her fearlessness and willingness to use her voice, and her pen. Thank you, Gwendolyn. I honor you.

Fionna Writes