If you want to be trusted then be trustWORTHY. It’s such a simple concept that people clutter with their emotional baggage and poorly made life decisions. We often allow a moment to cloud our judgment and our selfishness to obstruct our views of what really matters and we act on a fleeting moment without realizing that only shows your weakness, not your strength. That only shows that you’ve been hurt, you’re damaged goods and you have no grasp on it. Hurt people hurt people. 
Everyone has baggage. Everyone has been stung. It’s the circle of life. But when you allow your jadedness, anger, hurt, resentment and envy to take over and make decisions for you then you will undoubtedly lose the ones who care the most for you.
My circle of trusted friends continues to shrink and though I’m always thankful for the experiences I share with everyone in my path because of the lessons I’ve learned from them, good and bad, I also am completely ok with the notion that some people are only meant to be in your life for a season. And when their actions show me that their greed is more valuable than our friendship, I find peace in removing myself from that situation. I’m a creative- I’m hyper-sensitive and painfully observant, sometimes to a fault. But, because I’m like this I cannot allow external influences to be around me that I know will only suck the energy and love out of me. 


Fionna Writes

Dream On, Lovers

In a time where relationships are transient, temptation surrounds us and there’s more accessibility to anyone via technology, we find our inboxes and private messages flooded with words that blow up our egos, but those “e-lationships” still don’t keep us warm at night nor do they have any depth. What we’re left with is a mass of people suffering from a love deficit. Still, sometimes the hopeless romantic is caught daydreaming of a love that sticks like glue, untainted by external factors, exclusively exploring the depths of one another and building an empire from a solid foundation of trust and loyalty. 

Dream on, lovers. 💋


Fionna Writes

Black History Month highlight: Gwendolyn Brooks


Primer For Blacks
by Gwendolyn Brooks

is a title,
is a preoccupation,
is a commitment Blacks
are to comprehend—
and in which you are
to perceive your Glory.

The conscious shout
of all that is white is
“It’s Great to be white.”
The conscious shout
of the slack in Black is
‘It’s Great to be white.’
Thus all that is white
has white strength and yours.

The word Black
has geographic power,
pulls everybody in:
Blacks here—
Blacks there—
Blacks wherever they may be.
And remember, you Blacks, what they told you—
remember your Education:
“one Drop—one Drop
maketh a brand new Black.”
Oh mighty Drop.
______And because they have given us kindly
so many more of our people

stretches over the land.
the Black of it,
the rust-red of it,
the milk and cream of it,
the tan and yellow-tan of it,
the deep-brown middle-brown high-brown of it,
the “olive” and ochre of it—
marches on.

The huge, the pungent object of our prime out-ride
is to Comprehend,
to salute and to Love the fact that we are Black,
which is our “ultimate Reality,”
which is the lone ground
from which our meaningful metamorphosis,
from which our prosperous staccato,
group or individual, can rise.

Self-shriveled Blacks.
Begin with gaunt and marvelous concession:
YOU are our costume and our fundamental bone.

All of you—
you COLORED ones,
you NEGRO ones,
those of you who proudly cry
“I’m half INDian”—
those of you who proudly screech
“I’VE got the blood of George WASHington in MY veins”
ALL of you—
you proper Blacks,
you half-Blacks,
you wish-I-weren’t Blacks,
Niggeroes and Niggerenes.


Gwendolyn Brooks is a legendary, highly honored poet. She was the first black author to win the Pulitzer Prize, first black woman to hold the position of poetry consultant to the library of congress and she was also laureate of the state of Illinois. A lot of her work is politically and socially conscious, reflective of the era she lived through, the civil rights movement. She helped paved the way for black poets, and I thank her for her fearlessness and willingness to use her voice, and her pen. Thank you, Gwendolyn. I honor you.

Fionna Writes

Treasure pages


There’s something so magical in owning, holding, smelling, and reading old books. You feel as though you have the power to unlock the future by knowing and understanding the past, especially because through learning about the past, you truly understand how history can repeat itself. You walk around knowing you have these treasures in your possession, these hidden gems that enrich your life, feed your soul, nourish your heart and enlighten your mind. And, if you look closely enough, you find solace in knowing just how much we all share the thread of love and yearning to understand and grasp it in its entirety.

Fionna Writes

For the Queens & Kings


There’s no shortage of advice for women when it comes to dealing with, dating & understanding men. While it is true that women are typically (not always, but typically) the more emotional creature, what’s not true is that we are wrong for it. We are beautiful for it, we make the world a more humane place, we embody compassion and empathy. And, sadly, our big hearts often end up broken because we give too quickly when it comes to a man we care about, it’s in our nature to love with our all. So, while it’s important to have insight into a man’s mind and understand that they aren’t built in that same way, to know they are physical creatures first, it is also important to have insight into the woman’s mind and heart so that a KING, a REAL MAN will not trick, string along, and lie to women to get what they want. A KING will be honest with his intentions and value his integrity, he will not HAVE to lie just to get some. Women are sacred, we carry and bring in precious life and we DESERVE our king’s respect, honesty, and to be cherished and protected. If men and women met in the middle when it comes to understanding and respecting the opposite sex then we’d have less heartbreak, less fatherless children, less overwhelmed single mothers, less drama, and more love and respect.

Only the Queens & Kings will feel me though.

Fionna Writes

Seeking heart


Her love had an impenetrable depth
She wore her heart proudly
And gracefully, externally

A woman of stature
With an elegance redefined
A classic beauty bettered with time

Though often misunderstood
As foolish in love
For giving her all, not an ounce of mistrust

But no stranger to pain or betrayal
Well aware of the dangers of transparency
Still, her heart yearned for complacency

A love aficionado
Living in a world of lost souls
Searching for a place for her heart to call home

Fionna Writes

Beautiful Year


May today mark the beginning of a beautiful journey, a flourishing year to come.

Love more, hate none. Smile often, you never know who will soar in it. Give unconditionally but don’t give because you feel obligated or you’ll become resentful. Only give what your heart feels unattached to.

Let 2015, and every year after, be beautiful.

Fionna Writes



Sidewall divided but cyber-connected

Evolution in progress, though some refuse to accept it

A new way to dodge messy emotions

Innovated methods to express our devotions

In some cases, newer depths of loneliness

And an increase in people’s phoniness

Creative expression at an all time high

Word of mouse reaching that extra few eyes

To be fluent in technology could mean exposure

Which means, to our dreams, we’re one step closer

But this advanced tech savy-ness can mean isolation

Sudden awareness of being just one in our world’s population

An influx of inflated stories to portray abundant lives

We’re eager to prove what to whom with all these lies?

To ourselves maybe, so tech-masks we wear

Using online profiles as diaries, there’s no limit to what we share

So desperately trying to fit in with others’ lies we believe

Online statuses replace fake smiles so it’s easier to deceive

Don’t call me, just text me and I’ll respond when I please

Don’t meet me, just Skype me and I’ll be quite the tease

Sidewall divided but cyber-connected…

I wonder, is this all that we expected?