Creative Attempts

I love to create… because, I find it to be exciting, meaningful, therapeutic and self-expressive- but also, it’s a lot more inexpensive to just do it yourself. Mom on a budget here, so, bring on the DIY’s.

My daughter’s friend has a birthday coming up and she LOVES tutus, and basically anything princess-y so what does that mean for me? Yup, craft-ortunity. She’s getting a handmade, custom tutu… if I don’t screw it up. Luckily, I’ve learned over time to provide myself enough time and materials to have a practice run, first.

My little human and I took a trip to the local craft store and  loaded up on materials, and thankfully, they’re the same age so my daughter was my mannequin.

Wellllllll… see… what had happened was… ok, ok.. it was a #fail.

Naturally, I found a tutorial article and accidentally followed the same length measurements the author used… for her 1 year old… our girls are turning 4. D’oh.

We ended up with a micro-mini tutu… new fashion trend or nah?

BUT… the silver lining is, it was a practice round so that was the time to mess up and now I know better for round 2. And, it was a lot of fun! For a failed attempt, I’ve got to say I’m proud of how cute it came out. Here, you tell me what you think. Imagine this tutu… but longer. Mama tribe, would you and your little like a gift like this? Let me know your thoughts, tips/suggestions please! XO