shine5.jpgAs a marketing professional with over 5 years experience, Fionna M. Wright directs all phases of both the creative and technical elements of marketing initiatives ranging from content marketing to PPC advertising to acquisition strategies. She is passionate about helping organizations build more diverse, inclusive, and effective marketing strategies with an eagerness to help create the world she would like to see her daughter grow up in.

Through diverse and inclusive marketing, Fionna helps increase brand reach, customer loyalty, sales, and building positive workspaces.

She earned her BA in political science from UC Riverside, and her MFA in multimedia communications from the Academy of Art University. A firm believer in the power of words, she uses storytelling as a tool to craft her talks in a way that inspires, connects and leads to effective change across industries.

Fionna Wright Offers Presentations That Can Be Tailored For

■ Keynotes
■ Small and large group workshops and events
■ Company retreats
■ One-on-one consultations
■ Virtual seminars


Follow Fionna @FionnaWrites


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