Humans I Admire


Images from ShawnG website

In 2016, I had the pleasure of meeting this pleasant creative soul. Let me tell you how it happened…

I’d just finished covering the Amber Rose SlutWalk for MediaMax Enterprise, having the exciting job of speaking to/interviewing eclectic people from all walks of life… it was FUN! The outfits, the empowerment, the love, the energy… it was truly a memorable experience.

The event was over, and we were already walking back to the car through the dimly lit parking garage, camera and microphone still in hand, when we are hollered to from across the lot.

A woman shouted to us that we should interview her cousin about her products. It had been an almost painfully hot day, my hair was a mess, and I was tired and ready to go home so I almost said no. But, duty called and they were so sweet, it didn’t take long for us to give in and agree to an interview.

I expected to breeze through and give a quick one-minute, half-assed interview and thankfully, that didn’t happen.

ShawnG was a little more reserved, and her funny cousin was more outspoken and gregarious but they were both personable and in true New York form, fast-talking (literally, they spoke so fast) and had strong opinions. As my partner, Kim, set up the camera again, I chatted with ShawnG and her cousin about their products to prepare and warm up for our on-screen interview. And, WOW… I was blown away by her talent, her boldness,  her passion, the purpose behind her art, and her intelligence.

The most memorable pieces I remember were her Venus fly trap clutches which were creatively painted vaginas that looked like venus fly traps, and she explained that “it gives off a scent that catches the flies and then it entraps the flies and eat it, and I feel like that’s kind of the same thing that girls can do with their vaginas… you can entrap men with it and it could be a good or bad thing so that’s basically what the whole collection was about, the paradox about the good and the bad of how girls are able to control men and that’s why the back says ‘My vagina changes lives.'”

She gave me a clutch with the venus fly traps painted on one side, with text on the other side that reads “My Vagina Changes Lives…” and it’s flyyyyyy (pun intended).

The other art piece that stuck out is her “Boobies Gang” image that depicts various sets of breasts in different colors, shapes and sizes. What made this really stand out though, is that some of the breasts are painted in a way that shows the reality of a mastectomy. She honors ALL women. A true feminist.

I implore you to check out her work, support her. Her art, her work, her purpose is one that I believe will be revolutionary in fashion.

You can find her work here:

Also available in store @Rime_NYC

Follow her on IG: @mrsoriginals

Here’s our dimly lit, not so great quality, parking lot interview!