Umbrella Mom Rants

I love my little human more than anything. Like, it’s painful sometimes to love someone this much because I just want to shield her from all things bad and scary in this world. And today, there seems to be a lot. We don’t turn the news on anymore. I can’t even go into it too much because… anxiety. *hyperventilates*

Despite the unconditional, immeasurable & abundant love I have for this little human, she gets on my very last nerve… and recently, she is on that last nerve often.

My wishes for her are to be independent, fearless, confident, assertive, focused, purposed, compassionate and a seeker of truth and knowledge and all of those wonderful things.

But, dammit, sometimes it SUCKS when she displays and behaves in alignment with some of those traits toward me… especially when I’m in a f*&#n rush and need her to just complete the task-at-hand.

Little miss bossy independent is always ready to refuse, refute, and demand. Always. Always. Always.

Like, why?

Why can’t you just take the bath… that I KNOW YOU LOVE?! Seriously, it’s a lengthy debate to get into the shower/bath and an equally fueled debate to come out. Why can’t you just get dressed/let me do your hair/brush your teeth… like you know we have TO DO DAILY? Every single morning, there is a war over basic hygiene! I just… can’t.


I’m convinced she hates me but tolerates me because she needs to eat & survive and such. When I’m at my wits end and my frustration appears in a piercing gaze to her, and my jaw is clenched as I bite my tongue… I swear there is joy in her eyes, and a mischievous and happy grin on her face.

Is this the onset of the terrible 4’s I hear about?! Because, I don’t know… this is going to require some serious champagne.

Please tell me I’m not the only one? How do you stay cool when your littles are testing you repeatedly? Mama tribe, chime in!

Anyway, I think I’m up to 4 gray hairs now. Well, last I checked anyway. And, dammit, she’s worth it. I love you, cute jerk.



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